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EPRC Highlights

Why Uganda’s transition to lower fiscal deficit and debt levels remains uncertain

Uganda targets to transition from high to lower fiscal deficit and public debt levels by 2025/26 to ensure fiscal and...
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Will the Recently Adopted EAC’s Common External Tariff Boost Local Production?

In May 2022, the East African Community (EAC) partner states adopted a 35 percent levy as the common tax to...
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Is oil Uganda’s answer to attaining middle-income status?

February 1 renewed the hope for many Ugandans regarding the prospects of the country’s oil and gas sector. The day...
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Strengthening Evidence Use During a Period of Reforms and Transitions: Lessons from Uganda

Uganda is often cited as a great example of a country government that has made rapid strides in strengthening its...
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EPRC publishes the Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2021

The Economic Policy Research Centre has published the Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2021, with a revelation that the sector faces up...
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The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) is Uganda’s leading think tank in economics and development policy oriented research and policy analysis.

The Economic Policy Research Centre was established in 1993 as an autonomous not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee to fill fundamental voids in economics research, policy analysis, and capacity building for effective in-country contributions to Uganda’s policy processes.

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