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EPRC Highlights

COVID-19: How to boost vaccine uptake in Uganda

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019 and the subsequent search for an appropriate antidote, there have been...
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Labour externalization robbing Uganda of its best workforce – MUBS Principal

Uganda maybe robbing itself of the best workforce as more young people flock Middle East for jobs, Makerere University Business...
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How Uganda can avoid China debt trap

There has been a shift in the global aid architecture following China’s economic rise over the past decades. Consequently, Uganda...
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Are schools ready for pregnant and breast-feeding learners’ needs?

The Minister of Education Janet Museveni has directed all schools open on January 10, 2022. This is a welcome intervention....
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Canadian Diplomat Pays Courtesy Call to EPRC

Janine Cocker, the Head of Cooperation at the Canada High Commission in Nairobi recently paid a courtesy call to the...
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The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) is Uganda’s leading think tank in economics and development policy oriented research and policy analysis.

The Economic Policy Research Centre was established in 1993 as an autonomous not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee to fill fundamental voids in economics research, policy analysis, and capacity building for effective in-country contributions to Uganda’s policy processes.

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