May 9, 2024

City authorities can engage street vendors without blatant brutality

The recent directive by the Minister of Works and Transport, Gen Katumba
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May 9, 2024

Middle East turmoil and its impact on global supply chains

Political tensions have plagued the Middle East for a long time, each
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May 8, 2024

Where should the NDP IV focus to create more jobs?

The National Development Plan (NDP) III (2020/21-2024/25) set ambitious job creation targets
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May 3, 2024

Somalia’s EAC membership to unlock trade opportunities for Uganda

Somalia’s accession to the East African Community marked a significant geopolitical shift.
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May 2, 2024

Tackling infant mortality in Uganda

In Uganda, infant mortality continues to be a concern, with deaths of
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Apr 30, 2024

How can we empower farmers against weather and climate change?

In recent years, Uganda has been grappling with the adverse effects of
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Apr 2, 2024

How Jumia Food’s closure may affect small businesses in 2024

The growth of the online food delivery industry in Uganda was partly
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