As a top African research organisation, the Economic Policy Research Centre contributes significantly to the formulation of national policies and programmes in Uganda.

EPRC understands that its stakeholders, specifically government, private sector, civil society, media and development partners need timely evidence-based research about economic dynamics and their respective drivers to inform policy processes, choices and execution.

Our research agenda is thus aligned to Uganda’s long term development strategies specifically the Vision 2040 and the National Development Plans.

Our researchers go far and wide to gather data that informs policy

The EPRC research agenda is premised on six thematic areas:

Economy, Employment and Public Finance Management

Research in this area informs policy actors on how to stimulate economic growth and create employment through prudent public finance management….

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Macroeconomic Analysis, Social Service Delivery and Protection

This focuses on means of enhancing productivity, mobility of factors of production & their impacts on household welfare, social protection for vulnerable groups & institutional reforms for social economic transformation.

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Private Sector Development and Competitiveness

Research in this area informs how the private sector should reposition itself as the engine of economic growth, adapt to the EAC competitive regional business environment and other regional blocs.

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Natural Resources Management

This area focuses on how Uganda can leverage its wealth in natural resources for sustainable growth and development.


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Policy Inconsistency and Implementation Gaps

In this area, our research explores the evolution of policies and identifies gaps and inconsistencies within the existing policies so as to aid their effective implementation.

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Trade and Regional Integration

Under this thematic area, our research  examines the likely implications of the changing global and regional geopolitical environment on Uganda’s trade.

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Research Areas

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