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Strategic Plan
1. Winning Aspiration

Recognised leader in providing timely evidence based research responsive to user needs for policy and good governance

2. Our Playing Field

Customers: Government; Development Partners; Private Sector; Academia & Research Institutions; Civil Society, Media & General Public

Products & Services: (a) Stakeholder Responsive Research; (b) Position Papers; (c) User Friendly Research products (e.g. Policy Briefs, Fact Sheet); (d) Policy Foresight; (e) Technical Support; and (f) Capacity Building and strengthening (e.g. Young Professional Program, internship).

Channels: Targeted Meetings; Public Dialogues/Conferences; Sector Working Groups, Technical Working Committees; Donor Working Groups; Networking; Partnerships & Affiliates; Publications (digital & print); Media Engagement.

Geography: Focus on Uganda, serve globally.

3. Our Focus Areas / Pillars


i) Offer responsive evidence based research through proactive engagement with stakeholders


ii) Branding, marketing, publishing and partnerships through leveraging on technology

iii) Flexible work practices for organisational scalability to meet emerging demands

iv) Sustainable and growing centre

v) Risk, compliance and shared services

4. Capabilities we must have

C1. Competent staffing (research, communications, graphics & video, information technology and management, resource mobilisation, finance, human resource)

C2. Physical and Virtual Go To Resource Centre for Economic Policy Research

C3. Public relations, country-wide mobilisation & convening and multi media publishing

C4. Resource mobilisation and partnership management

5. Management systems we need

S1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – HR, Finance, Membership management, Subscription, Unified Communication, Research, etc

S2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for key processes

S3. ISO 9001:2008 Certification for core processes

S4. Governance structures and systems

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