• Authored By: Medard Kakuru, Rehema Kahunde, Justine Luwedde, Aida Kibirige Nattabi and Nathan Sunday
11 Mar 2021
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  • Published Mar 11, 2021

The Ugandan Economy Today (Quarter 2 October-December 2019)

The “Ugandan Economy Today” is a quarterly review of the economic performance of Uganda. The publication presents a trend analysis of selected key indicators in the agricultural, industrial, transport and communication sectors of the economy. It also highlights trends in major price indices such as inflation, exchange rates and interest rates. The policy section reviews monetary and fiscal policy stances as well as international trade developments

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  1. To reverse the increase in poverty levels, the Ugandan government should support MSMEs by providing them with affordable credit and improved government support, boosting production and access to markets. Acknowledgement The African School of Economics, South African Institute of International Affairs, CSEA and our think tank partners acknowledges the support of the International Development Research Centre for this research paper and the CoMPRA project. About CoMPRA The COVID-19 Macroeconomic Policy Response in Africa CoMPRA project was developed following a call for rapid response policy research into the COVID-19 pandemic by the IDRC.

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