• Authored By: Florence Nakazi and Solomon Stephen Nuwagaba
31 May 2024
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  • Published May 31, 2024

The implications of lack of gender statistics on Uganda’s National Development Plan IV and 2030 agenda

Gender mainstreaming is integral to the National Development Plan (NDP) III. However, funding towards Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) activities, including strengthening the capacities of institutions in the generation of gender statistics, has been inadequate during the implementation of NDP III. This policy note examines the challenges and progress made in collecting and reporting gender-specific indicators during the implementation of NDP III. It highlights the lack of timely and gender-disaggregated data, outdated statistics, and the absence of specific targets for monitoring and reporting on gender-related interventions in the NDP III. The lack of gender-sensitive indicators and targets makes it difficult to track and measure the impact of programmes on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Furthermore, the inability to disaggregate gender indicators prevents effective accountability for gender-specific targets within NDP III. This absence of data hinders the ability to identify and address gender disparities across various NDP III programmes. The absence of gender statistics will have a significant impact on the planning and implementation of the next NDP IV. Without gender-disaggregated data, it will be challenging to monitor and report on progress toward gender equality goals and targets as Uganda moves closer to 2030.

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