• Authored By: Justine Luwedde, Isaac Shinyekwa and Enock Nsubuga Will Bulime
24 Dec 2021
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  • Published December 24, 2021

Potential products and sectors for Uganda’s export expansion

Overall, the results suggest that Uganda has a comparative advantage for export expansion in the agricultural, minerals, light manufacturing and textile sectors yet exploiting only 62 percent of its potential export market.

Thus, to leverage the available opportunities, the government needs to; i) undertake efforts to enhance the competitiveness of Uganda’s export products, primarily agricultural, mineral, light manufacturing and textile products, ii) build the productive, marketing and exporting capacities of current and prospective exporters to tap into the regional markets iii) provide adequate and timely information regarding the available export expansion opportunities in Uganda’s key trading partners. iv) strengthen the existing institutional framework for export promotion.

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