• Authored By: Madina Guloba and Elizabeth Birabwa
03 Dec 2022
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  • Published Dec 3, 2022

Policy actions to ensure sustainable labour externalisation in Uganda

While Uganda’s labour force is expanding annually, jobs are static, rendering many unemployed or underemployed, especially youth and women. As a result, labour externalisation, while sometimes not considered the best option, is a much sought-after alternative to deal with extended durations of unemployment. This policy memo provides recommendations extracted from the paper on “Labour externalisation in Uganda: Implications for the Agro-Industrialisation agenda” to inform and guide high level decision makers on the requisite policy actions to foster sustainable labour externalization interventions.

In the paper, labour externalisation is looked at from the angle of only persons who travel out of the country seeking for employment. The study sought to understand the depth of labour externalisation in Uganda (what has worked and not worked). The intention was to improve ways of leveraging the benefits of externalisation in order to enhance Uganda’s development aspirations.

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