• Authored By: Regean Mugume
21 Jul 2021

Our study examines the macroeconomic effect of the COVID 19 pandemic on food security in the COMESA region. The study adopted a pooled mean Autoregressive Distribution Lag model (ARDL) to estimate the impact of macro-economic factors and food insecurity in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic in the select COMESA countries.

Our results reveal a significant long-run relationship between food insecurity and food inflation, food trade, and COVID 19 registered cases in the COMESA countries.


This paper was published in the African Journal of Economic Review. It was co-authored with Roland Muhumuza

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Macro-Economic Effects of COVID-19 on Food Insecurity. Evidence from Select COMESA Countries.pdf
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  • Published On: July 21, 2021

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