• Authored By: Madina Guloba, Tony Odokonyero and Medard Kakuru
18 Mar 2021

Uganda envisioned to become a lower middle-income status by 2020 as a foundation for achieving vision 2040. Policies, including the National Development Plan (NDP), were instituted to drive the aspiration. However, the target was not achieved during NDPII (2015-2020).
Building a strong middle class is a crucial strategy for achieving the target, as we advance into NDPIII (2020-2025). This brief provides insights into the size and strength or ability of the middle class, to drive the middle-income agenda and prerequisites for building or driving transition into a strong and stable lower middle-income status country.

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Is Uganda’s middle class strong enough to deliver National aspirations?
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  • Published On: March 18, 2021

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