• Authored By: Ibrahim Kasirye
30 Jun 2021
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  • Published Jun 30, 2021

Expanding fiscal space for social protection: The case for adolescent-oriented services

To contain the spread of the virus, the Government of Uganda (GoU) instituted several measures, including lockdowns and school closures—all of which severely disrupted livelihoods. Projections indicate that economic growth slowed down to 3.2 percent in FY 2019/20 from 6.8 percent in FY 2018/19—due to loss of employment opportunities, disruptions to supply chains, social distancing SOPs—all of which will affect the ability to raise domestic revenues in the medium term. The pandemic poses severe threats to inclusive development and has the potential risk of widening inequality.


This brief focuses on fiscal space for adolescent-oriented services (notably in health and education) within the broader social protection framework. There are several reasons for focusing on adolescent services in Uganda, including their increasing needs, given the devastating effects of COVID-19.

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