• Authored By: Madina Guloba, Tonny Odokonyero, Nathan Sunday and Ibrahim Kasirye
31 Jul 2023
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  • Published Jul 31, 2023

Evidence Pack For Food Environment Policies In Uganda (2020-2021)

The overall evidence pack is part of the research project that in part, focuses on the “Assessment of policies and identification of context-specific regulatory interventions for a healthier food environment to prevent diet-related Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Uganda”. The study thus provides a benchmarking assessment of evidence for existing policies and laws, and identifies gaps in the food policy environment. It specifically assesses relevant policies, laws, strategies/interventions and policy pronouncements that Uganda has put in place, or are in the pipeline, as a means of creating a healthy food environment and combating all forms of malnutrition and diet-related NCDs. The assessment is conducted over 13 policy and infrastructure domains, each with specific indicators to guide the assessment. Broadly, the 13 domains are made up of 7 policy domains (food composition; food labelling; food promotion; food prices; food provision; food in retail, trade and investment) and 6 infrastructure domains (leadership; governance; monitoring and intelligence; funding and resources; platforms and interaction; and health in all policies).

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