• Authored By: Isaac Shinyekwa, Aida Kibirige Nattabi, Justine Luwedde and Enock Nsubuga Will Bulime
12 Nov 2022
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  • Published Nov 12, 2022

Did the Ugandan agricultural sector achieve structural transformation during 1987-2020?

The changes in the sector did not lead to a shift in labour to other sectors as expected, partly due to the high population growth rate. Relatedly, Uganda experienced agricultural and arable land growth at the expense of forests and marginal lands.

Although land reforms significantly contributed to the agricultural transformation, the many unresolved evictions negatively affected productivity and investment in the sector. The food nutrition and security policies remained elusive, with many indicators worsening.

Therefore, ensuring agricultural transformation will require an integrated approach that addresses the different components of the agricultural sector.

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