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27 Sep 2023
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  • Published Sep 27, 2023

11th Annual National Forum On Agriculture And Food Security

On September 26, 2023, EPRC organized the 11th Annual National Forum on Agriculture and Food Security with the theme "Sugarcane-Food Security Paradox in Uganda: Actions for Sustainability." The overall objective of the Forum was to stimulate public debate on balancing food security and the drive of public investment for agro-industrialisation. The specific objectives of the Forum were to share findings and recommendations of the study on “Sugarcane production and food security in Uganda, to pick experiences and lessons from practitioners at the Local Governments on the sugarcane-food security nexus, to deliberate on sustainable food systems and propose feasible policy actions for the sugarcane-growing subregions, and to bring together relevant stakeholders for a continuous conversation on the food security agenda in Uganda. The event brought together various stakeholders from government and non-governmental organizations.

The presentations during the forum underscored that households with limited land face a high risk of severe food insecurity, regardless of whether they engage in cane cultivation, have abandoned cane cultivation, or are non-cane growers. It was also noted that 60% of households in the sugarcane-growing sub-regions of Busoga, Bunyoro, and Buganda were experiencing moderate to severe food insecurity, with Busoga and Bunyoro being particularly affected. Additionally, discussions highlighted the cost-benefit analysis of investments in sugarcane cultivation. Participants emphasized the concept of "cooperative competition," advocating for collaboration between sugar industries, enterprises, and private entrepreneurs to address the food security challenges associated with sugarcane production.

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