Determinants of Household's Choice of Cooking Energy in Uganda

Determinants of Household's Choice of Cooking Energy in Uganda
High dependency on biomass has been associated with energy poverty in Uganda with successful interventions to modern energy expected to results in economic transformation. This paper examines utilization of various forms of cooking energy sources among households using data from the 2005/6 Uganda National Household Survey (UNHS). Results indicate that utilization of modern energy sources was only by 4 percent of households. The study recommends deliberate efforts by government to intervene in addressing low adoption of modern energy especially now that the country has oil and gas reserves. The government should implement policies to encourage private sector involvement in provision of modern energy alternatives, provision of micro-credit for buying equipment and availing modern energy in smaller quantities.
Date: 2014-04-28
Author: Francis Mwaura, Geofrey Okoboi and Gemma Ahaibwe
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Created Date: 04-28-2014
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