Smallholder Food Crop Commercialization in Uganda: Panel Survey Evidence

Smallholder Food Crop Commercialization in Uganda: Panel Survey Evidence
A number of policy initiatives in Uganda's agriculture sector have been tailored towards transforming the sector from subsistence to commercial production. Owing to this background, this paper examines the drivers of food crop commercialization in Uganda. The paper examines the seasonality of participation; provides results of two different measures to proxy commercialization, namely; the likelihood of participation, and intensity of participation, in the market for selected crops; and finally, investigates these issues using a new panel dataset for Uganda. Findings reveal that different household and community level characteristics pose varying impacts on commercialization across seasons. Of particular interest is evidence that self-sufficiency needs override household decisions during the second season. This finding underscores the need to design interventions that target increased production in this season, characterized by short rains and less production activity.
Date: 2014-06-08
Author: Annet Adong, Tony Muhumuza & Swaibu Mbowa
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Created Date: 06-08-2014
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