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Agriculture Finance Year Book 2019: Development Financing for Agro-industrialisation

The 2019 Agricultural Finance Yearbook, which is the ninth edition in the series, offers in-depth analysis of the trends in the sector performance, with particular emphasis on interventions to promote agro-industrialisation.


Using excerpts from the report "Fostering a Sustainable Agro-Industrialisation Agenda in Uganda", This summary report outlines the urgent need for Government to shift the country’s economic centre of gravity from low to high value agro-manufacturing.


This report presents a case for what government must do to attain a transformative Agro-industrialisation agenda through linking agriculture with Agro-manufacturing industries.

The Gender Issues in Uganda: An analysis of Gender-based violence, Asset ownership and Employment

This report provides friendly facts on sex disaggregated information on prominent gender issues on Gender Based Violence specifically physical and sexual, asset ownership and employment in Uganda.

Fostering a Sustainable Agro-Industralisation Agenda in Uganda

The report presents a case for activating transformative agro-industrialisation (AGI) in the context of Uganda’s proposed national industrial policy.

Uganda’s Agricultural Sector at Crossroads: Is it a myth or a reality?

This report explains the persisting impediments that have constrained the transformation of the agriculture sector in Uganda. The brief offers conclusions and policy actions government should undertake to change the agricultural sector for the better. 

Uganda Human Development Report 2015

The report examines across disciplines, the human development conditions in the Northern Uganda region and
proposes practical recommendations on how to move beyond recovery and secure sustainable human

Uganda’s Agricultural Extension Systems: How Appropriate is the Single Spine Structure?

Despite well-intended interventions in agricultural extension reforms, a large number of smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups remain unreached by the various public extension systems, and the private sector plays only a limited role.

The report presents results of a study that assessed the constraints and investment opportunities in different segments of Uganda’s Irish Potato value chain. Some of the challenges identified are: low technology adoption, poor quality seed, and inadequate storage facilities, limited access to financing and agro inputs. The report recommends capacity building in seed production and multiplication, channeling of credit through farmer groups and construction of farmer-managed and -controlled storage facilities, among others.

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