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The Health sector accounts for 5.1% of the National budget in FY 2020/21 down from 7.9% in FY 2019/2020.

Total nominal allocation projected to decrease by 40% from UGX 2,589 Billion in FY 2019/20 to UGX 1,550 Billion in FY 2020/21

Fostering a Sustainable Agro-industrialisation Agenda in Uganda

This draft presenation "Fostering a Sustainable Agro-industrialisation Agenda in Uganda" belongs to Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) and its work in progress. It  briefly explains Uganda’s Industrialisation Agenda, presents the analytical framework for Agro-industrialization, names the key players in agro industry development among others. It was first presented to select Memebers of Parliament for review. The review process is still ongoing and the end result shall be generation of a report on agro industrialization. 

Achieving Uganda’s Development Ambition: The Economic Impact of Uganda’s Green Growth Transition

This is a DRAFT slide set, meant for consultation with Ugandan Experts

The results included are in draft form and meant for consultation only and does not constitute final advice or be used to inform investment decisions.

The outputs of the consultation will be fed into the production of a final draft report by the Ugandan New Climate Economy Partnership to inform the Ugandan Green Growth Strategy process and planning and implementation of the Ugandan National Development Plan.

Evaluation of the PEAS Network Under the Uganda USE Programme:Baseline Report Findings

This presentation highlights midline findings of the baseline evaluation of PEAS Schools under the Universal Secondary Education Programme in Uganda.

Crop Intensification as a Critical Pathway for Agricultural Growth: Special Case for fertilizer

The presentation provides the costs and benefits of having a fertiliser policy endorsed for implementation in Uganda. It was delivered to the Top Policy Management of Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development on Thursday April 28, 2016 as a prerequisite for issuance of a certificate of financial implication, prior to approval of the Fertilizer Policy by Cabinet..

Policy options for  private sector investment to support climate-resilient agricultural value chains

Presentation on findings of study that examined the climate impacts on rice value chains in Uganda and the role of private sector in responding to these impacts.

Financing Agricultural Value Chains

KilimoTrust: regional solutions to local problems. Comments by Discussant Professor Nuhu Hatibu.

Financing Agricultural Value Chains by Josephine Mukumbya

Presentation given at the Launch of the Agricultural Finance Yearbook  2013/14 on 17 October 2014 in Kampala.

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