EPRC research in this area examines government behaviour in as far as policy formulation and implementation is concerned. There is growing evidence that one of the major constraints to economic growth and social welfare improvement is inconsistency in government policies and gaps in their implementation.

Addressing the problem requires a deeper understanding of whether the current policy direction, planning, prioritization, budgeting, implementation and monitoring processes are consistent with national development outcomes? And if not, exploring the possible solutions.
Research in this area will focus on some or all of the following:

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Policy inconsistency and Implementation Gaps

  1. Policy direction, planning prioritizing, budgeting and monitoring processes consistence with national development outcomes
  2. Frameworks required to examine economic and social policies as well as political economy dimensions.
  3. The impact of policy processes on the design and effective implementation of policies.
  4. The appropriateness of institutional linkages/interfaces in ensuring consistence in policy implementation.
  5. Examination of practical examples or empirical evidence regarding policy inconsistencies and their effects.
  6. Drivers of policy inconsistences and their implications on the various policy options on the social welfare

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