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Are Ugandan Farmers’ using the right quality fertilizers

This brief highlights the quality concerns of inorganic fertilizers on the Ugandan market. The findings
reported are an excerpt from a study that analysed the quality of inorganic fertilizers on the Ugandan

This policy brief summarizes the results of preliminary analysis to quantify the potential farm-level and aggregate impacts of the proposed imposition of 18% value added tax (VAT) on key agricultural inputs in Uganda.

Promoting Self Employment through Entrepreneurship Financing

Using the Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fundas a case study, this brief examines the level and determinants of youth participation in the fund and evaluates its operation. It also looks at similar funds in other countries.

To Farm, or Not to Farm: Challenges and Prospects of Youth Employment in Agriculture in Uganda

This brief explores the underlying constraints faced by the youth in agricultural production in Uganda and proposes ways to effectively engage the youth on farm and off-farm activities. 

Robusta Coffee Nursery Seedling Multiplication Program in Mid-Northern Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges: This policy brief focuses on the Robusta Coffee nursery seedling multiplication programme supported by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority to promote coffee farming in northern Uganda. 


Coffee Production a Golden Opportunity for Rural Youth Employment

Coffee is one crop production activity that has not yet been exploited fully as a promising source of employment, especially for the youth in rural Uganda. 

Options for Improving Girls' Access to Secondary Education in Uganda

Despite the advent of Universal Secondary Education (USE) in Uganda, only 25 percent of girls supposed to be in secondary school were enrolled in 2011. 

Opportunities for Improving Communities' Welfare through Tourism: Murchison Falls National Park

The rich and largely untapped Uganda's tourism potential remains an important avenue for economic growth and welfare improvement of communities living around the national parks. This policy brief examines how growth of tourism could improve the welfare of the communities living around the Murchison Falls National Park.

Community Expectations and Environmental Aspects in Uganda's Oil and Gas Sector

The discovery of abundant mineral resources has raised popular expectations that Uganda will have abundant financial means for social economic transformation and poverty reduction. However, it also poses some long-term environmental risks to Uganda. This policy brief explains the potential impacts of oil activities on communities and their environment and also discusses the expectations of the communities with regard to the oil discoveries.

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