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National Fertilizer Policy for Uganda Version Considered by Cabinet May 4 2016

The National Fertilizer Policy  for Uganda synthesizes the fragmented policies of the Government on fertilizer into a single coherent whole.

It intends to support the sub-sector in ensuring that the fertilizer industry provides affordable and accessible fertilisers to farmers for increased and sustainable agriculture productivity and farm incomes

Evaluation of the PEAS Network under the Uganda Universal Secondary Education Programme

This baseline survey report, is the first of three studies that assess the model used by "Promoting  Equality in African Schools"-PEAS schools in Uganda to scale up education provision to children with disadvantaged backgrounds using public-private partnerships.

Dynamics of the War to Peace Transition in Northern Uganda

The paper examines how the households in Northern Uganda have responded to the return of peace and how this is reflected in their livelihood patterns, demand for social services, asset accumulation, demographic and migration trends and their levels of trust for each other and their local leaders. The paper shows that access to services (particularly to schools and health facilities) has improved since the end of the conflict, although this has seemingly been to the detriment of other services like the provision of psycho-social support.

Youth Entrepreneurship in Uganda: Policy, Evidence and Stakeholders

This report sheds light on the developments of youth entrepreneurship policies in the country as ameans of increasing research uptake and the use of evaluation evidence in policy formulation and programming.

This Training Manual is designed to equip Extension Workers and other stakeholders with knowledge and skills on the value of fertilisers, their profitability and safe use.

The manual is learner-centred with substantial room for trainer flexibility to innovate and customize the training process to fit within the existing trainee working environment. 

The Fertilizer Control Regulations 2012

The objective of the Regulations is to control and regulate the fertilizer manufacturing, storage, distribution and trade in, use, importation so as to ensure good quality fertilizers for farmers and protect private sector investment against harmful practices in the market.

Uganda National Fertilizer Sub-Sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan (NFS)

The Uganda National Fertilizer Strategy and Investment Plan (NFS): 2015/16-2019/20 is a tool that aims at setting up a framework for guiding and promoting enhanced availability and use of fertilizer for higher agricultural productivity in Uganda.

The strategy was approved by Cabinet on May 4, 2016 together with the National Fertilizer Policy for Uganda.

This paper presents an empirical analysis of money demand in Uganda between January 1986 and April 2003. Two definitions of money were used and tests for the co-integration between the monetary aggregates and real money balances were carried out.

This study covers a period of far-reaching economic reform policies and programs in Uganda.

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