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Project  Activities

Since the commencement of the project to date EPRC has been able to accomplish the following activities:

1. Held inception meetings with INCLUDE Platform Uganda Partners to establish synergies and identify opportunities for sharing information and engaging policy makers and practitioners. The partners are: Expanding Social Protection Programme, MoGLSD; Makerere University, Makerere University Business School, Uganda Investment Authority and Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association.

2. Two synthesis reports focusing on the themes of the project that is social protection and women entrepreneurs were prepared. The reports titled—A pathway to social protection development in Uganda: A review of evidence, policies and stakeholders and Rural women entrepreneurship in Uganda: Evidence, Policies and Stakeholders were shared in consultative and validation meetings. The final versions are still under review.

3. Supported the Uganda INCLUDE research groups to peer review their research work, contribution to methodology, review of survey tools, framing of policy messages and planning for stakeholder engagement activities. We participated and/or supported:

  • The Social Protection research team with a platform to share their preliminary research findings on “Building the economic case for investments in social protection in Uganda” with various stakeholders and policy actors during a consultative meeting organized by EPRC in the October 2016.
  • Launch of the Women Entrepreneurship project “From Muppets to Gazelles” in 2015.
  • Launch of a Tele-centre in Nakaseke District where women can gather and share knowledge and also be trained on use of mobile phones to communicate businesses.
  • Trainings conducted by the Expanding Social Protection Project on research analysis and methods and also shared skills and knowledge on how to present research results and outputs in ways that are palatable to policy audiences.

4. Developed a web portal on the EPRC website to share knowledge products generated by the INCLUDE Partners. These were shared in form of regular updates on relevant international and national research and policy initiatives as well as updates via EPRC social media accounts, mailing lists, and professional networks, such as the Uganda Economics Association (UEA).

5. Participated in the Project review meetings to assess partner progress and preliminary project findings.


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