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The Ministry of Health in Uganda estimates that in a given year, at least 12.3 million cases of malaria are reported across the country, with the highest prevalence among children aged 5 years and below and among pregnant women. The Government of Uganda has intervened with several malaria programmes including early detection among children and provision of intermittent treatment for pregnant women.
Gender differences in Uganda: The case for access to education and health services
Using the nationally representative Gender Productivity Survey (GPS) of 2007/08 conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS), the paper examines gender biases in school attainment, returns to education, expenditure on health and education, access to health services. While Uganda has recorded progress on MDG 3: promote gender equality and empower women, the paper reveals that significant gender biases still exist with a regional dimension. 
Governing Health Service Delivery in Uganda: A Tracking Study of Drug Delivery Mechanisms
This study aimed to produce evidence that will help the Government of Uganda (GoU) and other relevant stakeholders understand the challenges facing the health sector; the obstacles that limit the efficient, effective and timely procurement, distribution and usage of medicines; and what reforms arre needed to improve access to medicines for all Ugandans. 
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