Reducing the Burden of Malaria among Children in Uganda

Reducing the Burden of Malaria among Children in Uganda

Issue No 20: Malaria is endemic in Uganda and is the leading cause of illness in Uganda especially among young children. The Ministry of Health (MoH) estimates that in a given year, at least 13 million cases of Malaria are reported across the country. The 2011 World Health Statistics show that Uganda’s Malaria mortality rate of 103 per 100,000 is more than seven fold that of Kenya (12/100,000)—18 percent more than that of Tanzania and 9 percent more than that of Sub Saharan Africa (SSA.1)

As such, the control of Malaria remains a public health priority in Uganda.

The Government of Uganda (GoU) has intervened with several Malaria programmes ranging from early detection and treatment of the disease among children as well as the provision of intermittent treatment of Malaria among pregnant women.

Given the many interventions towards combating Malaria and limited funding, understanding the most cost effective methods for Malaria control is both an economic and a public health priority.

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