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Productive and decent work for youth and women in Uganda

This fact sheet presents an overview of a new project "Productive and decent work for youth and women in Uganda" being implemented by EPRC under the INCLUDE Platform's African Policy Dialogues

The role of Public Private Producer Partnerships in fostering  Agricultural value chains in Uganda: The case of Oil palm

This study shows the problems facing Public, Private, and Producer Partnerships (PPPPs) in increasing Uganda’s production of vegetable oil and avails the institutional set up to foster oil palm value chain. 

Uganda’s coffee product space

This paper outlines the programs required to exploit opportunities in the growing specialty coffee market for (both Robusta and Arabicas) in USA and Europe as well as the prospects for further upgrading and integration in the global coffee value chain (GVC). 

Fish as a priority commodity for Agro-Industrialization

This paper provides a justification for refocusing attention towards further development of the fish sub-sector through a transformative agro-industrialization pathway. 

State of Uganda’s Maize Industry

This paper highlights key challenges in the maize industry and offers key recommended actions for government to improve key nodes of the maize value chain. 

How the Government can support the processing of  cassava for value addition

This study looks at the production and productivity of the cassava value chain  and spells out policy actions government can implement to unlock the cassava sub-sector potential. 

Can an agro-processor led model support the  development of the Beef value chain in Uganda?

Based on review of publicly available documents as well as interviews with key beef players, this study among others looks at the organisation of Beef manufacturing industries and lists the institutional gaps and areas of public interventions for better exports.

Positioning Tea as a Priority Commodity for  Uganda’s Agro-industrialisation

This paper analayses the relationship between the Integrated Agro industrialisation Model and the tea value chain, the current status of tea with respect to manufacturing and proposes key reforms to ensure a sustainable tea sector. 

Expansion of the product space in Uganda’s dairy  value chain

This case study outlines the industrial production structure of Uganda's Dairy Value Chain, the  export and import trends in dairy products, dairy industry critical gaps and required strategic decisions to agro industrilaise the dairy sector.

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