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Water for Agricultural Production: Planning and Investment Dilemmas in Uganda

Fact Sheet No.15 looks at the need to address water for agriculture production, the investment challenges, growing donor interest, and the way forward. 

Lessons for Uganda from Vietnam's Success Story in the Coffee Sub-Sector

Fact Sheet No. 5 looks at Vietnam's success in the coffee sub-sector, which lessons are applicable for Uganda, and the way forward for the country.

Understanding the Recent Food Price Trends in Uganda

Fact Sheet No. 4: The global food price crisis has worsened the food security situation for many developing countries especially those that are net food importers. High food prices are once again threatening to push millions of people into hunger around the world. 

Farmer Groups and Access to Agricultural Services and Technologies in Uganda

Fact Sheet No. 3 focuses on farmer groups and their access to extension services, their use of agricultural technologies. 

Dairy Sector Growth in Uganda since the 1990s

Fact Sheet No. 2: Driven largely by dairy, the livestock sector has maintained positive growth rates averaging 3 percent per annum compared to the declining (and often negative) growth rates registered in the food and cash crop sub sectors.

Why a Fertilizer Policy for Uganda?

Declining soil fertility is cited in Uganda's Agricultural Development Strategy and Investment Plan for 2010/11-2014/15 as one of the major challenges to increasing crop production in Uganda.

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