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Child Poverty and Deprivation in Uganda

The fact-sheet presents the status and rates of multiple deprivations for the four principal regions of Uganda.

Social Dynamics and Lack of Family Support: Key Barriers Hampering the Elimination Of HIV/AIDS Mother to Child Transmission

This brief reveals that in spite of relatively low PHC releases per capita, the Buganda sub-region accounts for an exorbitantly high coverage rate of HIV testing among children born to HIV positive mothers.

Absenteeism: Key Driver of Poor Performance in Primary Education

In this brief, the reader will note that spatial analysis of budget allocations and pre-selected education indicators suggests that whilst receiving a primary education releases per capita lower than in eight other sub-regions, Elgon accounts for the highest completion rate nationwide.

Leadership and Access to Safe Water: Key Determinants of Improved Handwashing

This brief highlights that between 2014 and 2015, the West Nile region registered an improvement of 3.6% in the proportion of people with access to handwashing facilities. Such efforts propelled the region from seventh to third place with regards to this indicator nationally.

Investing in Social Development: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2016/5

This fact sheet presents an overview of funds allocation to the Social Development sector. It shows how nominal budget shares and budget projections aimed to attain the goals of the NDP2 and Vision 2040.

Investing in Water and Environment: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2016/4

This fact sheet provides medium term policy objectives for water and environment sector, budget shares for FY 2016/17, vote function nominal distributions, and allocations for central and local government.

Investing in Health: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2016/3

This fact sheet presents a summary of the central and local government budget allocations to the health sector, with respect to children. It examines the budgets for FY 2015/16 and  FY 2016/17

Investing in Education: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2016/2

This fact sheet presents a summary of budget allocations in the FY 2015/16 and FY 2016/17, and projections for financial years leading up to 2021 for the education sector.

Investing in Human Capital Development: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2016/1

This fact sheet outlines priorities of the human capital development budget as per the 2017/18 National Budget Framework Paper through a composite measure of all respective sectors like education, water and environment, health and social development. 

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