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Upgrading the cotton value chain for textile  industry development

This case study presents what government needs to do to capitalise on textile industry in Uganda to promote agro-industrialisation.

Pension Coverage: How inclusive is Uganda’s Social Security System?

This Fact Sheet looks at the salient features of the extent of inclusiveness of the pension sector coverage in Uganda and lists the viable policy implications. It takes into consideration, coverage by geographical location and gender among others.

Investing in Human Capital Development: BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2017/1

This fact sheet presents an overview of the budgetary allocations to human capital development in the FY 2017/18 in terms of sector shares for Education, health, social development and water and environment.

Investing in Health: BUDGET BRIEF No. 2017/3

This fact sheet finds that the health sector still accounts for 5.7% of the national resource envelope. In 2017/18 however, health budget allocation is projected to decrease by nearly 30% from the previous 1,828.07 billion shillings. 60% of this year’s allocation will be spent on recurrent expenditures. 

Investing in Water and Environment: BUDGET BRIEF No. 2017/4

This fact sheet presents the budget proposals by the Ministry of Water and Environment as per the Uganda National Budget Framework Paper FY 2017/18 - 2021/22 and the  medium term sector policy objectives towards the targets set out in the NDP.

Investing in Social Development: BUDGET BRIEF No. 2017/5

This fact sheet provides the social development sector objectives and the percentage of budget allocation to the social development sector as projected by the Uganda National Budget Framework Paper FY 2017/18 - 2021/22.

Investing in Education: BUDGET BRIEF No. 2017/2

This fact sheet looks at the education sector objectives in  line with Uganda's 2020 middle income aspiration and the nominal decline in budget allocation to education sector as per the 2017/18 National Budget Framework Paper. 

Investing in Child Protection: BUDGET BRIEF No. 2017/6

In the absence of a dedicated child protection sector, investments for child protection are scattered within other sector budgets. This fact sheet looks at child protection budget allocations across relevant sectors as per the National Budget Framework Paper FY 2017/18 - 2021/22

Early Childhood Development in Uganda’s Education Sector

The factsheet presents the current status of Early Childhood Development in Uganda and its significance for the education sector.

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