Economic development

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On the evening of 31st December, 2019, the president delivered his end of year speech. In the speech, the president highlighted security, environmental degradation, corruption, value addition for import substitution, markets for Uganda’s commodities in the region and abroad, mass education, and land evictions as key government priorities during 2020. While the identified priorities in the speech are vital for the wellbeing and development of the country, there are a number of other key biting challenges which government priority has granted limited attention over the last decade
Domestic revenue mobilization remains one of the major challenges facing developing countries, Uganda inclusive. In spite of sustained increase in the revenue collections in Uganda, the tax revenue to GDP ratio remains low, estimated at 14 percent by 2017/18, which is far below World Bank benchmark of 25 percent.
The potential of coffee to uplift people out of poverty in Northern Uganda

Since its introduction in the Northern Uganda region in 1997 by political leaders, Coffee has continued to be grown as an alternative perennial crop in addition to other traditional cash crops such as cotton...

 Economic and Social Upgrading in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry: The case of MTN
This paper presents highlights of the Mobile Telecommunications Industry (MTI) in Uganda, specifically focusing on the case of MTN Uganda. It examines the growth and contribution of the MTI to the Ugandan economy. The paper also considers work condition related issues of MTN Uganda, addressing all parts of the value chain.
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