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This 15 months project seeks to increase policy debates and evidence uptake for the enhancement of productive and decent jobs along selected agro-industrialization (AGI) value chains in Uganda. The project is implemented under the African Policy Dialogues (APD), a network of policy actors initiated by the INCLUDE Platform to encourage the use of existing and new knowledge in policy making in Africa.



The project seeks to generate and share evidence on opportunities, sources of productive and decent employment, and effective strategies to promote job creation along the strategic agro-industrialization (AGI) value chains in Uganda. It also seeks to establish if immigrant labourers who return from abroad can easily be absorbed into AGI value chains, using the skills and transferring the know-how they have attained. The evidence generated will be used to inform and guide the revision of the 2011 National Employment Policy.


Project Objectives

  • To influence policies and policy processes related to productive and decent employment for youth and women along AGI value chains
  • To promote and create awareness on the use of the AGI value chain approach as a means of creating productive and decent jobs
  • To generate evidence on the externalization of labour to understand the implications of labour externalization on the AGI value chain agenda


Project Approach

  • Evidence generation and knowledge brokering 
  • Policy engagement, communication and outreach
  • Networking and alliance building
  • Capacity building and Technical support


Target Audiences

Primary audiences: Government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs);

Other audiences: Private sector; civil society; development partners; and Dutch Embassy in Uganda

Project Team

Sarah N. Ssewanyana (PhD), Executive Director

Team Leader
Madina Guloba (PhD), Research Fellow

Elizabeth Birabwa Aliro, Programmes Manager

Rehema Kahunde, Research Analyst


The following are some of the activities to be implemented by the project:

  • Undertaking systematic review on work and income for women and youth in Uganda to identify evidence gaps along the AGI value chains
  • Undertaking a systematic review of the ecosystem of labour externalisation (availability of data, sources and quality)
  • Conducting a diagnostic exercise to establish the major factors and stakeholders influencing the uptake and use of research evidence in policy decisions in the strategic value chains
  • Production of communication and engagement products to capture the attention of, and inform relevant strategic AGI value chain stakeholders
  • Convening and/or participating in targeted meetings with policy makers, private sector, CSOs, parliamentarians, and relevant technical sector working committees, among others
  • Establishing and facilitating a Community of Practice on productive and decent work for youth and women


Project Outputs

Fact Sheets

Productive and decent work for youth and women in Uganda



Proceedings report of the kickoff workshop for the project on productive and decent work for youth and women in Uganda

Other outputs 

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