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The DTM initiative was developed in 2009 by the Inspectorate of Government (IG) with the assistance of the World Bank and DFID to address a growing concern about the lack of credible tools and methods to track corruption in Uganda. The DTM initiative aims at producing a report every year so that trends in corruption can be assessed.  The reports seek to: provide an objective source of information to guide the reform process; make recommendations to reduce corruption; and improve overall governance.

EPRC was designated the DTM Manager to manage the process that has led to the publication and dissemination of four reports to date. The first report issued in November 2010 was the baseline against which future changes have been monitored. Subsequent reports were issued in 2011, 2012 and the most recent in 2014.

Project Objectives

  • To monitor corruption trends in Uganda
  • To monitor public reform efforts and illuminate weaknesses in public functions which allow corruption to persist
  • To promote an informed public discourse about corruption
  • To provide public officials with a wide range of sources of information for developing and monitoring reforms
  • To provide data to citizens and businesses about activities occurring in Uganda which support or detract from the fight against corruption
  • To generate credible information for NGOs, media and donors about the state of corruption in Uganda and therefore support effective reform efforts
  • In partnership with the Inspectorate of Government (IG), EPRC has engaged in dissemination and outreach efforts involving policymakers at central and local government levels, and the media.
  • Targeted meetings with Permanent Secretaries, Civil Society Organizations have also been held.
  • The First Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda, 2010
  • The Second Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda,2011
  • The Third Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda,2012
  • The Fourth Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda,2014
  • Citizen perception on the extent of Corruption in Uganda
  • Corruption and Fraud in Uganda's Elections
  • The Extent of Petty Corruption in Uganda


The DTM project is funded by World Bank and DFID through the Governance partnership Facility.

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