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Robusta Coffee Nursery Seedling Multiplication Program in Mid-Northern Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges: This policy brief focuses on the Robusta Coffee nursery seedling multiplication programme supported by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority to promote coffee farming in northern Uganda. 


Accelerating Growth and Maintaining Intergenerational Equity Using Oil Resources in Uganda
Uganda discovered commercially viable oil deposits in 2006. Estimated oil resources as of December 2013 stood at 3.5 billion barrels. Since the discoveries, there has been much public debate on the types of public policies that the Government of Uganda (GoU) can implement in order to avoid or minimize the economic, social and political dislocations that have usually accompanied the exploitation of oil and gas in other African countries. 
Community Expectations and Environmental Aspects in Uganda's Oil and Gas Sector

The discovery of abundant mineral resources has raised popular expectations that Uganda will have abundant financial means for social economic transformation and poverty reduction. However, it also poses some long-term environmental risks to Uganda. This policy brief explains the potential impacts of oil activities on communities and their environment and also discusses the expectations of the communities with regard to the oil discoveries.

Maximizing Benefits of Oil Extraction in Uganda

Recent exploration efforts in Uganda's oil and gas industry have had immense success. The most recent data indicates that about 3.5 billion barrels of crude oil has so far been confirmed to exist underneath the Albertine Valley. This policy brief examines how Uganda can accelerate growth and maintain intergenerational equity using oil resource. 

Lessons for Uganda from the Vietnam Success Story in the Coffee Sub-Sector

This brief uses FAO time series data to show Vietnam's remarkable success in the coffee sub-sector to draw lessons for Uganda. Results reveal that the pathways to Vietnam's success story included: acreage expansion under coffee, input intensification and establishment of effective policies as strategies supported by the government.

Lessons for Uganda from Vietnam's Success Story in the Coffee Sub-Sector

Fact Sheet No. 5 looks at Vietnam's success in the coffee sub-sector, which lessons are applicable for Uganda, and the way forward for the country.

Impact of the National Agricultural Advisory Services Program on Household Production and Welfare in Uganda
This paper examines the level of participation of vulnerable households (headed by females, youths or people with disabilities) in Uganda's National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) program, and the program's impact on agricultural households' access to extension services, the use of improved technologies, crop yield, the share of output sold, consumption expenditures and poverty level. 
Dairy Sector Growth in Uganda since the 1990s

Fact Sheet No. 2: Driven largely by dairy, the livestock sector has maintained positive growth rates averaging 3 percent per annum compared to the declining (and often negative) growth rates registered in the food and cash crop sub sectors.

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