PrioFrancis Mwesigye

EPRC research fellow, Dr. Francis Mwesigye, has joined the Global Fellowship Program at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

This is a non-resident position that provides opportunities for research collaboration, student supervision and learning.

The program aims to formalize the connection between PRIO and researchers at other institutions around the world, helping us to strengthen existing working relationships as well as build new ones, spurring the development of new projects in keeping with PRIO’s mission: to engage in research concerning the conditions for peaceful relations between nations, groups, and individuals.

According to the invitation letter to Dr.Mwesigye, PRIO staff were asked to submit nominations, from which the Director’s Office, in consultation with the PRIO Leader Team  made a selection. Outstanding scholarship and a strong commitment to the peace and conflict research agenda were   the key selection criteria, although the team also sought to ensure that the cohort of Global Fellows is diverse in terms of gender, geography, disciplinary background, and methodological approach.

“You have been nominated for the fellowship by Gudrun Østby and Siri Aas Rustad, who will act as your main contact persons at PRIO and play a key role in integrating you into relevant PRIO activities” the communication to Dr.Mwesiogye indicates..

Dr.Mwesigye is a member of Uganda Economics Association, African Growth and Development Policy Modelling Consortium (AGRODEP), African Economic Research consortium, and Africa Development Institute's Global Community of Practice (G-CoP).








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