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 Research and non-research staff of the Economic Policy Research Centre had an opportunity to sharpen their procurement and contract management skills during a two-day training workshop held at the centre’s conference room recently. Mr. Paddy Grace Wanzala a procurement consultant and Mr. Dan Atuhaire a procurement specialist. The main objective of the procurement training was to equip the staff of EPRC with working knowledge on the best practices in procurement .The consultants trained the staff on the best practices of procurement planning, respective roles and responsibilities in a procurement circle, preparation of statements of requirements as well as conducting of evaluation bids. Other areas covered included Contract management, common challenges in public procurement and possible solutions.

 The consultants also gave staff insights on ensuring compliance with the PPDA rules and procedures when procuring goods, services and works, thresholds for each procurement method plus situations where single sourcing  can be employed under consultancy and any best practices. The staff also learnt the processes and procedures of registering companies on the register of providers, carrying out due diligence on successful bidders and understanding how to conduct contract management and the stakeholders in contract management.

The Human Resource and Administration Manager Ms.Fatumah Namubiru who opened and closed the training workshop ,hailed the  PPDA for sending consultants to facilitate the training and emphasised that it would  help in orienting the newly appointed staff and refresh the old staff to enable EPRC handle its procurements with skill and in turn ensure total compliance

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