Records management EPRC staff during a training session in the conference room

The staff of EPRC on September 19, 2019 benefitted from a records management training aimed at improving efficiency in accessibility, use and disposition of records.

The training organized by the Human Resources department was carried out Mr. Francis Ekwaro a consultant from the INFOWORLD, who stressed the importance of good records management in service and risks of mismanaging records. The one-day training session took place at the EPRC conference room.  

Mr. Ekwaro observed that records management is an often overlooked and underrated procedure in many organizations. “While a strong, well thought out records management process can make organizations efficient and effective, bad records management can lead to messy and incomprehensible workspaces, irritable employees, and the loss of information, “he emphasized.

The consultant told staff that poor records management could cripple an organization, halting efficiency, sucking up precious time, and causing unnecessary stress for employees. Organizations/businesses generate and manage records to achieve organizational goals and objectives; he said adding that timely, accurate, complete, cost-effective, accessible and useable information improves business transactions.

The staff discussed benefits of proper records management in service delivery and risks associated with lack of systems or poor record handling, in service delivery. They were also taken through the Generally Accepted Record management Principles (GARP) according to Arma International. He said GARP is the basis for ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in record keeping. The principles underscore accountability, transparency, integrity, compliance, availability, retention and disposition.

The training also dealt with an in-depth discussion of EPRC’s Records and Archives Management Policy, Guidelines, procedures and implementation framework, Records management tools and documentation.



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