Politicians warned on selling properties

By John Odyek  - New Vision (August 14, 2015)

As the 2016 polls draw near, top ministry of finance officials have cautioned Ugandans against selling their properties and using the proceeds and electoral campaigns. There is no money in politics. When I see people selling their property to join, it is an error, if you want to join politics to serve the country ,I applaud that decision .MPs are hiding in parliament from money lenders ,finance minister Matia Kasaijja said.

This was during the launch of a new brand identity, logo and website for the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) at Serena hotel in Kampala recently. “EPRC should do research to show that there is no money gained from joining politics, “Kasaijja said.

Secretary to the treasury, Keith Muhakanzi said there was need to find out why at the beginning of the cycle of elections, the number of constituencies increases as this has implications on policies. “Lack of research on politics is a big problem. Many people think there is money in p-politics, they are selling houses. Some students are abandoning PhDs to join politics, at the end of the term, politicians are broke, ”Muhakanizi, also chairman of EPRC, said.

Gen. Moses Ali, the second deputy prime minister who was the chief guest at the function, said Ugandans can build or destroy their economy. He said contradictions in politics and history have been the source of conflict in Uganda. Ali recalled the history of Uganda during 10971-1979, where he said the economy was destroyed partly because of the coffee smuggling and the fleeing of Ugandans into exile.

Dr. Sarah Ssewanyana, the Executive Director of EPRC said the centre has grown over the years due to the support from the different stake holders.


Makindye West MP, Member of Justice Forum (JEMMA) part Hussein Kyanjo: joining a parliamentary race may need about sh50m for three-months.

Kassim Omar, National Chairman Uganda Clearing Industry And Forwarding Association: one should not sell his property to soon politics .when you choose to go into politics, you should have determined your capabilities in terms of time and resources. When a person sells his/her property to join politics, they will tend to become corrupt once elected in office.

James Akena, UPC President: those who have sold their property to join politics and lost the elections have had painful experiences.it is not fair to put the risk on other family members who are not going to be direct participants.

Fred Omach:
State Minister For Finance.it is wrong to sell property to raise money to fund compaigns.one should save money early enough for the campaign. But campaigns should not become too expensive to deny people democracy.

Beatrice Anywar, Kitgum Woman MP: those who sell properties to join politics will do everythingby hook or crook to recover the money they spent and become a liability.


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