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Balanced nutrition provides the basis for lifelong health, learning ability, economic and social performance. Optimal nutrition encompasses appropriate food intake (both quality and quantity) including breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding as well as good health and care practices.

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Our Children, Our Future: Ensuring Child Well-Being in Uganda: A Call to Action

This Call to Action recommends priorities that must be addressed to improve the lives of Uganda’s children. It presents data pertaining to the national and regional state of the Ugandan child and offers evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders to take action to improve child well-being.

National Action Plan for Child Well-Being 2016-2021: Goals, Objectives and Actions

The National Action Plan for Child Well-Being gives clear direction for our collective efforts to build a Uganda in which all children can survive, grow and develop to their full potential, protected from the many threats that jeopardize their future.

World Health Organization, Fact Sheet No 323

Uganda Nutrition Action Plan 2011 - 2016

Scaling Up Multi-Sectoral Efforts to Establish a Strong Nutrition Foundation for Uganda’s Development

Investing in Health 2016/17

 The National Budget Framework FY 2016/17

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