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Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Coordinated continuum of health services provided to children as and when required. These may range from newborn care, disease prevention and treatment, management of common neonatal and childhood illnesses, maternal and childhood immunization. 

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National Forum on the State of the Ugandan Child: Briefing Note

This briefing note presents evidence-based data on the national and regional state of the Ugandan child. It highlights levels of adolescent pregnancies; HIV prevalence rates; stunting; education survival rates; Early Grade Reading Assessment; violence against children in schools; and orphanhood status.

Our Children, Our Future: Ensuring Child Well-Being in Uganda: A Call to Action

This Call to Action recommends priorities that must be addressed to improve the lives of Uganda’s children. It presents data pertaining to the national and regional state of the Ugandan child and offers evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders to take action to improve child well-being.

The State of  the Ugandan Child: An Analytical Overview

The report is a result of an extensive secondary and primary data analysis in the domains of health and nutrition, education, child protection, child participation, and a cross-cutting focus on the girl child.

Road map for improving adolescent health

April 2016: The writing and overall coordination of this document was made by members of the Adolescent Health Technical working group under the leadership of the ministry of health.

Assessing an Adolescent’s Capacity for Autonomous Decision-Making in Clinical Care?

The purpose of this article is to provide policy guidance on how to assess the capacity of minor adolescents for autonomous decision-making without a third party authorization, in the field of clinical care.

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