Kahude R



Rehema Kahunde

During the 2018/2019 financial year (FY), there was a drastic reduction in key agricultural exports. Specifically, coffee exports reduced by...



By Justine Luwedde

January 2020

Relations between Rwanda and Uganda hit a new low in 2019 with the closure of the border causing...

On the evening of 31st December, 2019, the president delivered his end of year speech. In the speech, the president highlighted security, environmental...

By Isaac M.B. Shinyekwa

and Enock Bulime


Since December 2013, South Sudan has continued experience conditions of civil war. The conflict is mainly...


Enock Bulime and  Isaac M.B. Shinyekwa

January 2020

The agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) entered into force at the end...




 By Aida K. Nattabi

Uganda continues to create new administrative units despite the lack of resources to finance their operations. At the...


 By Nathan Sunday &

 Ezra Munyambonera


Uganda has registered a change in debt sustainability position due to the rebasing of gross domestic...


By Enock Bulime and Ezra Munyambonera

It is common to attribute the increasing borrowing to easily noticeable causes such as the implementation of...


By Aida K. Nattabi

The National Development Plan (NDP) III framework taking effect in June 2020 was approved in September 2019. The NDP III...



By Justine Luwedde

The need to protect the inventions and creative works of individuals has been acknowledged for a very longtime because Intellectual...

Bulime Enock 1


By Enock Bulime

The recent increase in Uganda’s debt to GDP ratio shows that the country is having short-run difficulties to reduce its...

Medard 1


By Medard Kakuru

Uganda, like other countries, is facing adverse effects of environment degradation, most of which are attributed to population explosion and...



Blessing Atwine

Research Associate, Economic Policy Research Centre

Uganda has one of the fastest growing and youngest populations in the world, with approximately...

Sunday Nathan

In the recent past, a form of gender based corruption known as “sextortion” has strongly manifested in the country. Sextortion occurs when a person...

Kahunde 2019

by Rehema Kahunde  

Motor bike cyclists popularly known as “bodaboda” are a common sight on the streets of Kampala and other urban areas in...

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