Annette Kuteesa

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Uganda Warehousing Receipt System: Improving Market Competitiveness and Service Delivery

With the Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority in place, the government of Uganda seeks to reinstate the public warehouse receipt system with a concentration on the electronic-WRS.

Urban areas in Uganda are increasingly facing competition for their resources in the face of rising population. More than one out of every five Ugandans are residing in urban areas and the urban population is expected to triple in next two decades.

The role of the public sector in incentivizing the update of climate resilient seeds in Uganda

This brief highlights the need to access to quality seeds in building climate resilient value chains because it promotes improved quantity and quality of agricultural products.

Creating an enabling policy environment for agricultural finance to support climate risk management in Uganda

The impacts of climate hazards such as floods and droughts have significant consequences for the development of agricultural value chains. These impacts are critical in developing countries such as Uganda, which rely heavily on the agricultural sector to meet their economic and food security needs.

Impact of the National Agricultural Advisory Services Program on Household Production and Welfare in Uganda
This paper examines the level of participation of vulnerable households (headed by females, youths or people with disabilities) in Uganda's National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) program, and the program's impact on agricultural households' access to extension services, the use of improved technologies, crop yield, the share of output sold, consumption expenditures and poverty level. 
Farmer Groups and Access to Agricultural Services and Technologies in Uganda

Fact Sheet No. 3 focuses on farmer groups and their access to extension services, their use of agricultural technologies. 

East African Regional Integration: Challenges in Meeting the Convergence Criteria for Monetary Union: A Survey
The realisation of a successful monetary union among East African Community partner states depends upon a sufficient degree of convergence of partners' economies to established criteria. This work integrates and synthesises various findings of the literature. 
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