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Financing Indoor Residual Spraying for Malaria Prevention in Uganda: Options for Cost Minimization
This report's findings indicate that 235 billion shillings (approximately 63.5 million US$) is required to finance country-wide implementation of Indoor Residual Spaying (IRS) using an Integrated District-Led (IDL) approach.
Fish as a priority commodity for Agro-Industrialization

This paper provides a justification for refocusing attention towards further development of the fish sub-sector through a transformative agro-industrialization pathway. 

Limited health insurance coverage amidst upsurge of non-communicable diseases in Uganda

This brief uses the 2016/17 Uganda National Household Survey (UNHS) and the World Development Indicators (WDI) to show the extent of health insurance coverage for non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

How the Government can support the processing of  cassava for value addition

This study looks at the production and productivity of the cassava value chain  and spells out policy actions government can implement to unlock the cassava sub-sector potential. 

Harnessing Floating Cage Technology to Increase Fish Production in Uganda

This study finds that aquaculture has tremendous potential to stir growth of the fishery industry in Uganda as well as generate employment.To enable country take advantage of this opportunity, innovations capable of overcoming supply side constraints will play a critical role. 

Universal Health Coverage in Uganda: The Critical Health Infrastructure, Healthcare Coverage and Equity

The study reviews Uganda’s progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and analyzes the status of the critical health infrastructure (including health workforce) needed to attain sustained progress towards UHC.  Key findings reveal that progress towards UHC improved marginally, but overall healthcare coverage index remains low and disparities in coverage across regions and socio-economic strata remained. 

Healthcare coverage and equity – Towards Universal Health Care in Uganda

Accelerating Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is feasible if Uganda institutes and effectively implements a coherent set of health sector policy reforms. This policy brief provides an understanding of UHC progress in Uganda, by examining healthcare coverage and equity based on reproductive, maternal, new-born, and child health (RMCH) intervention areas.

A Review of Health Infrastructure and Workforce Critical for Delivering Universal health Coverage in Uganda

This brief summarises the findings of a study on the status of critical health infrastructure and workforce needed to deliver Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Uganda. There are fundamental challenges with the health infrastructure needed to deliver UHC and the health workforce density is too low to expand population-based healthcare services. 

Health aid achieved a significant impact on reducing both disease severity and burden—with the largest impact on disease burden.

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