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First Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda: Using the Data Tracking Mechanism
Corruption remains an impediment to development and a barrier to poverty reduction in Uganda and many other African countries. The Data Tracking Mechanism (DTM) was launched in 2009 to address growing concern regarding the lack of credible tools and methods to track corruption. This study provides a baseline for tracking corruption over time. 
The Integrated Assessment of the Potential Impact of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement on Uganda's Bio-Diversity: A Case Study of the Horticulture Sector
With the signing of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in 2009, the Government of Uganda, as a member of the ACP should endeavour to re-strategise itself to benefit from the opportunities such trading blocs create through increased trade. 
Governing Health Service Delivery in Uganda: A Tracking Study of Drug Delivery Mechanisms
This study aimed to produce evidence that will help the Government of Uganda (GoU) and other relevant stakeholders understand the challenges facing the health sector; the obstacles that limit the efficient, effective and timely procurement, distribution and usage of medicines; and what reforms arre needed to improve access to medicines for all Ugandans. 
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