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Reducing the Burden of Malaria among Children in Uganda

The brief assesses the cost effectiveness of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) and Indoor Residual spraying (IRS) as Malaria control programmes in Uganda. We were interested in establishing which of the two methods results in the lowest Malaria incidence/occurrence and associated deaths at a given cost.

Reducing the Burden of Diarrhoea among Urban Households in Uganda

This policy brief examines the cost effectiveness of two water technologies in preventing diarrhoea illness among urban households in Uganda.

Ensuring Adequate Early Childhood Development for Uganda's Children

Although Uganda has made significant progress in reducing child deaths in the past five years, the country still faces major challenges in ensuring adequate early childhood development. This briefing highlights some of the major challenges affecting children during the first five years of life.

 Trade Opportunities from the EU-ACP EPAs: Prospects for the Flower Sub-Sector in Uganda

With the signing of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in 2009, the Government of Uganda, as a member of the ACP, should endeavour to re-strategise itself to benefit from the opportunities such trading blocs create through increased trade. 

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