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Why have majority of farmers in Uganda remained in subsistence?

This brief shows that for small holder farmers in Uganda, food self-sufficiency goals override the need to earn income from the market for most households in the second season. Food sufficiency goals could be addressed by improving crop productivity and storage.

A Critical Review of the on Going Public Finance Management Reforms: Are the Reforms Yielding on the Expected Outcomes?

This policy brief examines the progress and impact of the on-going public finance management reforms undertaken by the MFPED since 2012/13.

 Skills Mix for Young Entrepreneurs: The right way to go

With growing youth unemployment challenges, the Government of Uganda is grappling with how to make the youth more enterprising as a means for promoting self-employment. This Policy brief identifies the required skills mix for young entrepreneurs.

Grants versus Loans! What works for Youth Entrepreneurs?

More youth in Uganda are increasingly accessing micro-credit to finance their business enterprises. However, research shows that in-kind grants perform better than cash grants. This policy briefs explores which of the two options-grants or loans, works best for young entrepreneurs.

Are Ugandan Farmers’ using the right quality fertilizers

This brief highlights the quality concerns of inorganic fertilizers on the Ugandan market. The findings
reported are an excerpt from a study that analysed the quality of inorganic fertilizers on the Ugandan

This policy brief summarizes the results of preliminary analysis to quantify the potential farm-level and aggregate impacts of the proposed imposition of 18% value added tax (VAT) on key agricultural inputs in Uganda.

Promoting Self Employment through Entrepreneurship Financing

Using the Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fundas a case study, this brief examines the level and determinants of youth participation in the fund and evaluates its operation. It also looks at similar funds in other countries.

To Farm, or Not to Farm: Challenges and Prospects of Youth Employment in Agriculture in Uganda

This brief explores the underlying constraints faced by the youth in agricultural production in Uganda and proposes ways to effectively engage the youth on farm and off-farm activities. 

Robusta Coffee Nursery Seedling Multiplication Program in Mid-Northern Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges: This policy brief focuses on the Robusta Coffee nursery seedling multiplication programme supported by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority to promote coffee farming in northern Uganda. 


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