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Why Strong Farmer Groups are Ideal in the Marketing of Rice in Eastern Uganda

Avenues for marketing rice in three districts of Butaleja, Tororo, and Bugiri in Eastern Uganda are studied based on data collected from a community and market survey

Social Dynamics and Lack of Family Support: Key Barriers Hampering the Elimination Of HIV/AIDS Mother to Child Transmission

This brief reveals that in spite of relatively low PHC releases per capita, the Buganda sub-region accounts for an exorbitantly high coverage rate of HIV testing among children born to HIV positive mothers.

The Seed Potato Gap in Uganda: An Investment Opportunity, and a Challenge for Value edition

This brief  analyses the seed potato supply gaps in the Kigezi region with the intention of informing investment decisions and shaping the formulation of a sub-regional potato zonal investment plan (ZIP).

The Constraints to Irish Potato Value Chain Financing in Uganda

This brief summarises the findings from the potato Value chain study on what constrains the financing of potato value chain activities in Kigezi sub-region. The study reveals that production is mainly funded using personal savings, and majority of farmers who use credit (70%) obtain loans from village savings and loan associations (VSLAs).

Informality of Actors and its Implications for Potato Value Chain Upgrading in Uganda

This brief summarizes findings of a potato value chain study on the; level of informality, size of operation and the length of relationships between the processors, traders and other value chain players. The study reveals that most potato value chain actors operate on a very small scale and are informal- not registered and unlicensed.

Indicative Lost Income Due to Limited Technology Use in Irish Potato Production

This brief uses Irish potato as a case study, to demonstrate how agricultural transformation through crop intensification (improvements in yield) can contribute to growth in the local economy of the Kigezi sub-region in Uganda; dependent on Irish potato production.

This brief is extracted from a study on cage culture and aquaculture park technologies in Uganda conducted by EPRC and National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI). The brief demonstrates that favorable and bullish international fish prices have supported steady foreign exchange earnings to Uganda, amidst declining volumes of fish exports

The role of the public sector in incentivizing the update of climate resilient seeds in Uganda

This brief highlights the need to access to quality seeds in building climate resilient value chains because it promotes improved quantity and quality of agricultural products.

In light of the likely negative impacts of gambling, the industry needs to be strictly controlled, well regulated and effectively policed. Presently, the gambling industry is regulated by the National Lotteries Board (NLB) and is guided by the National Lotteries Act of 1967, the Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and Taxation) Act of 1968, and an addendum of statutory guidelines introduced in 2012/13.

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