Regean mugume.jpg

By Regean Mugume

On the 13th June 2019, Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development presented the National Budget for the financial year 2019/20. The...

Sunday Nathan.jpg

By Nathan Sunday

The role of agriculture in the social-economic transformation of the country cannot be over emphasised. According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (2018),...

Kahunde 2019.png

By Rehema Kahunde

Malnutrition remains a major health problem faced by Ugandans, especially women and children aged below five years despite the country being...

Brian Staff 2018 300x300










Tax dispute resolution is a central component of the effective operation of any modern tax...

Brian Staff 2018 300x300

By Brian Sserunjogi

Over the last decade, Uganda has undergone a significant demographic structure transition. Approximately 78 percent of the country’s population is below...

eprc guloba

By Madina Guloba

Uganda is moving ahead full steam to revive its national airline; in February 2019, social media was awash with pictures showing...

Job Lakal

By Job Lakal

Unless otherwise delayed, UK’s breakaway from the European Union is bound to happen on Friday 29 March 2019. This should be...


By Martin Luther Munu,

The close of 2018 saw an escalation in the conflict between Rwanda and Burundi—the two members who joined the East African...

Sheilla Anne Depio RA

By Sheila Depio

 The authenticity of the refugee population data in Uganda remained controversial until 2018 when a biometric registration exercise was conducted. Results...

Florence Nakazi Passport

By Florence Nakazi and Asiimwe Racheal Marrion

Street vending in Kampala has emerged as alternative source of employment for individuals who cannot afford the...

Job Lakal Profile photo

By Kenneth Asiimwe and Job Lakal

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, Uganda’s parliament amended the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998. In this amendment:...

mildred barungi

By Mildred Barungi

Maize is one of the 12 agricultural commodities that Government considers to have the potential to remarkably contribute to increasing rural...

Mobilie money booth.png

By Tabitha Nafula, Martin Luther Munu, & Isaac Shinyekwa 

Many developing countries in Africa have a low tax to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio with...

Job Lakal Profile photo

By Job Lakal


There is a huge and growing financing gap required to meet the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Estimates by the Organization...

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