Swaibu Mbowa joined the Centre as a Research Fellow in August 2011, prior to working at the centre as a Research Associate.

He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Natal (1997); MSc (Agricultural Economics) and Bachelor of Arts (Economics/Rural Economics), both of Makerere University.  His other prior appointments include: Senior Scientist, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture (1997); Lecturer Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Makerere University (1998); Consultant at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI), Wageningen in the Netherlands.

His areas of research include agricultural policy analysis, socio-economic and agribusiness development studies.

Swaibu Mbowa: publications

Fostering a Sustainable Agro-industrialisation Agenda in Uganda

This draft presenation "Fostering a Sustainable Agro-industrialisation Agenda in Uganda" belongs to Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) and its work in progress. It  briefly explains Uganda’s Industrialisation Agenda, presents the analytical framework for Agro-industrialization, names the key players in agro industry development among others. It was first presented to select Memebers of Parliament for review. The review process is still ongoing and the end result shall be generation of a report on agro industrialization. 

Beyond input distribution: Requirements for agricultural transformation in Uganda

This policy brief highlights the key policy inconsistencies associated with; (a) skewed public financing to input distribution; (b) mismatch in quantity of planting materials distributed, and (c) unreliable extension services.

Looming Long-term Economic Effect of Climate Change on Uganda’s Coffee Industry

This Policy Brief highlights the lead pathways through which climate change is likely to negatively impact on Uganda’s coffee industry. It among others focuses on the financial effect of drought on Coffee Grades and puts forward appropriate policy recommendations. 

Harnessing Floating Cage Technology to Increase Fish Production in Uganda

This study finds that aquaculture has tremendous potential to stir growth of the fishery industry in Uganda as well as generate employment.To enable country take advantage of this opportunity, innovations capable of overcoming supply side constraints will play a critical role. 

Uganda’s Agricultural Sector at Crossroads: Is it a myth or a reality?

This report explains the persisting impediments that have constrained the transformation of the agriculture sector in Uganda. The brief offers conclusions and policy actions government should undertake to change the agricultural sector for the better. 

Swaibu Mbowa (PhD)

Swaibu Mbowa (PhD)Research Fellow

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