The German ambassador to Uganda Dr. Peter Blomeyer says as the country prepares for oil production it faces a huge task of preserving the beautiful nature of the country that makes Uganda exceptionally different from other countries.

Dr. Blomeyer notes that government is now between a hard place and a rock since oil discoveries are in the most verified eco system the country has got, which is the Murchison falls national park with the exploration of oil meaning that the latter will be entirely lost.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting on climate and environmental changes in the oil producing area at Serena Hotel in Kampala Blomeyer pointed out some of the natural resources the Albertine region like tropical forests, savannah woodlands,  variety of animals and bird species and butterflies among other natural resources which need to be preserved

He warns against destroying such resources noting that it contradicts vision 2040 that makes nature one of the three pillars of economic development in the country

For her part, the Executive Director Economic Policy Research Center Sarah Ssewanyana highlighted the need to bridge the gaps in implementing environment regulations

She said regulations that preserve the environment should be implemented mainly as the country goes into the oil production phase

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